"My first clinical experience with acupuncture was a year ago when I became a patient of Ms. Kachina Smith. I had a musculo-skeletal complaint that was unresponsive to our types of conservative treatments. Ms. Smith was able to treat me "condition specifically" by addressing my areas of pain. Ms. Smith improved my knowledge base of acupuncture...and addressed me as an entire person."

- D.K.

La Plata, MD

"After having a number of debilitating migraine headaches, I chose to inquire with Kachina about acupuncture as a form of treatment. I have been very pleased with Kachina's care ever since my first treatment. She cares enough to ask the difficult questions that others may avoid. The time and care she takes to understand me, what ails me, and what I am thinking or feeling is tremendous."


Laurel, MD

"It has been a pleasure working with you! I was drawn to ask you to be my acupuncturist several months ago because of your friendly, humorous personality that you have wherever you go. I appreciate that you bring this authenticity to the treatment room... You bring a healing presence to the room with your calm body language, gentle touch, and attention to detail."


Columbia, MD

"I have observed Kachina putting in extra work in researching treatment possibilities...which to me is a reflection of her dedication to become a true healer. Her ownership of the treatment room is conveyed with poise and grace... I fully believe in her ability as a practitioner."


Rockville, MD

"I think one of the most important qualities of a practitioner is an ability to leave their client feeling heard and tended to especially if the issue(s) that brought them in the door will require time to treat. Kachina has been an anchor for me and I truly appreciate her for that."


Baltimore, MD

"Under Kachina's care I experienced profound and long-lasting changes; namely, I began to learn how to care for myself and ask others for what I need... My family is truly a new family because of these skills."


Baltimore, MD

"No matter what the day, the situation or experience she is having, she comes to me with an open mind and a calmness that is infectious. She has helped me to recognize the value of a work life balance."


Gaithersburg, MD