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Intuitive and Certified Angel Guide Sessions

Kachina is an spiritual intuitive offering sessions via channeling and card reading. All sessions are currently by phone. She is also a Hay House(TM) Certified Angel Guide. A Certified Angel Guide is a person who is open to divine angelic energy and has a healthy, flourishing relationship with her own angels. With training as an angel guide, Kachina uses her mediumship skills to receive, interpret, and deliver messages from angels. Kachina can also create a safe and sacred space to facillitate angelic healing and guidance in private professional sessions.

Patient/Provider Education and Advocacy

Kachina is always excited about teaching new information and spreading awareness on acupuncture, chronic illness, and disability. Whether providing seminars, speeches, or blog posts, Kachina is passionate about helping open minds and hearts to new ways of thinking and caring for others. She also is available for provider in-service workshops about the chronic illness experience and chronic conditions such as dysautonomia and POTS.

When booking, include in the appointment note which topic you are inquiring about: Acupuncture Education, Business Consult, or Dysautonomia/POTS.


"Dr. Kachina was absolutely awesome! She explained the entire process and gave me great advice. I will definitely be back. Thank you Dr. Kachina!"

— S.L., Washington, DC

"No matter what the day, the situation or experience she is having, she comes to me with an open mind and a calmness that is infectious. She has helped me to recognize the value of a work life balance."

— C., Gaithersburg, MD


"Under Kachina's care I experienced profound and long-lasting changes; namely, I began to learn how to care for myself and ask others for what I need... My family is truly a new family because of these skills."

— T.K., Baltimore, MD

"Kachina was great. She explained everything as we went along. Very relaxing."

— M.M., Takoma Park, MD

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